5 Ways to Build a Positive Mindset


Our mindset is the belief that you’re in control of your own ability, and that you can learn and improve through it. So, it really is an important key to success.⁠

There is so much content out there on the mindset, that it can get pretty overwhelming, to say the least! We totally get that and decided to put a few simple actionable steps together to guide you to cultivate the right mindset.


Let this be your guide, and tell us which one is your favourite:⁠⠀
1. Don’t fear negative emotions – Yes, guys don’t bury those feelings, when you allow yourself to feel and be aware of the start of a negative feeling, you will find their intensity lessens and their duration will shorten.⁠


2. Bring awareness to your current mindset – You can do this through feedback from some you trust will be truthful. This exercise is purely to help you gain insight and find where you need to make changes.⁠


3. Be aware of unhelpful thoughts and work on reframing them – The benefit of this skill not only charges your positive mindset it has an effect on those around you.⁠


4. Choose situations that plant the seed of positivity in your mindset garden – Choose wisely. Be careful to avoid starting with situations where you feel you need to.⁠


5. Look at the positive mindsets of people you admire but focus on your own goals – Brainstorming possibilities can be challenging from your current mindset. Make it simpler. Look outside yourself for clues and suggestions.


What do you do to encourage a positive mindset?


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